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Best Family-Friendly Suburbs of 2021

Best Family-Friendly Suburbs of 2021 says people are people pondering parenthood have long felt like they’ve landed in a high-stakes Choose Your Own Adventure story.  Should they raise their family in a fun urban environment or opt for an area with lots of green space and good schools….which they say is “the real estate equivalent of eating your spinach.”

So, set out to find the best suburbs outside the nation’s biggest cities that offer a rewarding lifestyle for parents as well as their kids.  To get their list they looked at the 11 largest cities in the nation and then their surrounding suburbs.  Criteria such as the percentage of children living in each city, school rankings, and family-friendly businesses (including day care centers) as well as restaurants, bars, and things to do, and, of course, the area’s commute.  (Editor’s note:  interestingly, public safety wasn’t one of their criteria)

Many of these millennials, especially highly educated ones with jobs that allow remote work, are increasingly buying homes in the suburbs…More people are making the decision to move a bit farther away from work to find more affordable housing where there are still some urban amenities,” Choi says.

best family friendly suburbs 2021

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