Boston Real Estate Investors Association

Great News from Boston and National Real Estate Investors Association

Bigger Discounts and Rebates from the Home Depot Pro Xtra

If you have not yet entered membership code ” xxxxxx ” in the Pro account area, please do so now and add your cards to the loyalty program area on ProExtra

Up to 15% additional off retail, and 2% cash back.

Our average member got over $1500 rebate to them in the last 6 months.

As a member of the Boston Real Estate Investors Association and the National Real Estate Investors Association, you qualify for exclusive rebate incentives with your Pro Xtra account. Now, you can save even more, in addition to the Perks, Paint Rewards, Volume Pricing and exclusive business tools you already enjoy.

Unlock all your Pro Xtra benefits and earn your rebate by adding your primary credit cards to your profile. All your in-store and online purchases help you earn the National REIA semi-annual rebates.

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