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October with Propy

October with Propy

Headed into November, let’s wrap up #October with our monthly Propy edition!

Web3 Real Estate Summit!

We made it again! On October 27 and 28th, Propy and many of our supporters from all around the country and from around the world marked another milestone with our Web3 and Real Estate Summit in Miami!

Why Miami? Because it is the new crypto capital!

The two-day event was packed with insightful presentations and ideas about the metaverse, blockchain, tokenization, cryptocurrency, legal trends, and NFTs. Over 200+ participants, 40+ speakers, and keynote industry leaders came to meet in person, chat with old friends, make new connections and of course, learn directly from leading entrepreneurs building the fundamentals of this new reality on-chain.

As speakers, of all things web3 and Real Estate we welcomed top experts like Anthony Pompliano (Pomp), Michael Arrington, Chris Smith, and Tony Giordano, and many others. Our global Propy team traveled to Miami to meet our clients and supporters in person, help with your questions, and guide you through our Propy products and tools. Headed back to our homes, we bring Propy in our hearts motivated to build and bring Propy to the next level! If you missed the chance to join, don’t worry! Our next event is knocking on the door in March!

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MetaAgents X Shredders

In late September, the NFT world welcomed the collection that bridges the gap between the real world and the metaverse with our MetaAgents X Shredders NFTs.

One month later we opened a secondary sale of the collection on OpenSea, where real estate agents, Web3 pioneers, and crypto enthusiasts have had the chance to buy and sell the Propy Avatar they like. After the first blind sale, this time the buyers could actually choose characteristics of the NFT. The starting price for MetaAgents is 0.25 ETH and the starting price for the rare Shredders is 0.75 ETH.

The collection features 1000 unique NFT Avatars that come with numerous utilities, including access to select events and courses like our Propy’s Meta Agent Course (launching shortly), DAO membership to govern the project and vote on how its Treasury is spent, and more to be revealed.

*Note: If you bought an Agent after our Web3 & Real Estate Summit in October, you will have a free ticket to our next summit in March.

What comes next?

Our Meta Agent Course launch! The metaverse is growing and the best way to set yourself with the knowledge you need to become one of the first meta agents who understands the space and help others to participate.

The course covers virtual world fundamentals, guided tours of the most popular and advanced worlds, how land ownership works in the metaverse, and more. Set up for your meta journey and book a seat!

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