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One week two NFT releases from Propy

One week two NFT releases from Propy

Very different, Both Groundbreaking

You already know Propy for many Firsts – the first real estate property bought on the blockchain in 2017, the First real estate NFT, the First US real estate NFT, the First real estate NFT marketplace. Recently, we launched the First Title & Escrow on blockchain. Our ability to make waves is limitless and there is no slowing down our innovation, building a community of tech savvy agents and clients.

This week we bring MetaFi a step closer to all of you with our Propy NFT Avatars and our New NFT Property.

Disney Bound – New Real Property NFT is now live

Buy a home with a click of a button on Propy

Summer is here and it’s the exact time to create memories for a lifetime on your family holiday in our latest NFT Property, located just 10 short min drive from the magic of Disney World, FL.

New, 3 bedroom townhome in a desired neighborhood and resort-style community, is not only real estate that can color your NFT wallet, but is potentially a great investment as well. The sale will be held on our Propy Marketplace, designed specifically for real property NFTs, and closings in a few clicks, as well as traditional home sales. Don’t wait and join our waitlist to uncover more details about this magical property in the actual world. Continue to read, you’re in for a surprise!


It’s an endless open sea of creative NFT ideas out there and as usual, Propy stands out with brilliance, presenting you with an upcoming drop of a limited collection of Exclusive NFT Avatars for real estate fans. If you love crypto and real estate then these cool NFT Avatars are right for you! With RE becoming more and more crypto-friendly, adding one of these cool “Meta Agent Shredders” to your collection or used as your social media profile, will signal to the world and your tech savvy peers that you are a pioneer in a digital new world of real estate.

Additionally, the Propy NFT Avatars come with super unique utilities that unlock selected events and courses (like our Meta Course) that will help real estate fans navigate virtual worlds and apply the learnings to their daily practice of real estate. More utilities to be announced shortly. Stay tuned.

The limited-edition Propy Avatars were created by noted artist Dan Weinstein, and top advisers on the project included real estate influencers and industry forward-thinkers like the #1 Real Estate coach Tom Ferry, Tony Giordano, Alvaro Soler, Christine Choi, Zach Aarons and others. “Meta Agent Shredders” can only be minted with Propy tokens. Did we mention that you also have a chance to win a Propy NFT Avatar and start your metaverse journey right away? It’s simple – join our waitlist with code “FIRST” and when the drop happens you may be among the top winners. Fingers crossed!

Let’s wrap up

These are just a couple of examples of the application of blockchain technology in real estate and digital art. What became popular in the creative field with recording authenticity and transferring ownership of art and music creations, is now becoming broadly used in other industries. Including in real estate. Blockchain technology comes with a new level of transparency, security, and accountability to digital transactions of various kinds.

The Real Property NFT and the Propy NFT Avatars will live on the blockchain – the immutable and decentralized record.

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