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Your Boston REIA Membership Benefit Updates with FED EX! As a member of National REIA, you’ll save up to 45% with FedEx.

Enroll now to save.

We’ve worked with FedEx to bring National REIA members discounted shipping rates on eligible services. Sign up for the FedEx Advantage® discounts program to start saving.

With the FedEx Advantage program, you’ll get:

  • 45% on FedEx Express® shipping
  • 25% on FedEx Ground® shipping
  • 25% on FedEx Home Delivery®
  • Tier 6/506 pricing on FedEx Ground Multiweight® shipping

It’s free to sign up using your FedEx account number, and there are no quotas or commitments. Your FedEx discounts will typically be available 7 to 10 business days after joining the FedEx Advantage® program with Boston REIA.

Enroll by logging into the member’s area of Boston REIA HERE

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