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Zillow Shuts Down its Offers Business

Zillow Shuts Down its Offers Business

We first posted about Zillow Offers back in 2017 and just last week, we learned that Zillow is planning to sell about 7k homes as it seeks to recover from what Bloomberg called a “fumble in its high-tech home-flipping business.”  Now fast-forward a few days and we learn that Zillow has decided to pull the plug on its Zillow Offers, making the the following statement on their website:

“Zillow Offers is winding down, which means we are not making any new offers on homes. We’re focused on helping existing customers and selling our remaining inventory. If you’re looking to sell, we can connect you with an expert agent in your market. If you have questions about a current contract with Zillow Offers, get answers at Offers & Closings.”

It has also been reported that Zillow will lay off around 25% of its employees over the next several months.

Click here to learn more at Zillow Offers.


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