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Squatters Torment Homeowners Across the Country

We first heard about this property back in the Fall after a Maryland couple with a bank contract to buy a vacant foreclosed home went to move in, but there was rental truck in the driveway moving someone else in!  When the new owners confronted the people moving in, the men showed them what they said was a lease for the property.  According to a recent report on FOX News, the property is still being occupied by squatters and the issue has become a growing problem nationwide.

FOX says homeowners all across the nation are being tormented by squatters and find themselves tied up in lengthy and expensive legal battles to get control of their properties back.  Real estate lawyer Jim Burling told Fox News Digital that any home unoccupied for a stretch can be a target of squatters.

“If somebody is living in a home and saying ‘hey, I signed a lease, I’m paying rent, I have a right to be here,’ whether or not that’s true the police hear that story then they hear a story of somebody who’s not living there and saying ‘this is my place these people don’t belong here,’ the police officer can’t make that legal determination…”   Jim Burling ,vice president of litigation for Pacific Legal Foundation.


Click here to read the full story at FOX News.


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