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At Biden’s Urging, FHA, FHFA Reinstate Their Eviction Bans

At Biden’s Urging, FHA, FHFA Reinstate Their Eviction Bans

joe bidenOn the heels of the expiration of the CDC’s nationwide eviction ban (which expired 7/31/21), President Joe Biden called on the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture, and Veterans Affairs to extend each of their individual eviction bans as well as urging Congress to pass last-minute legislation to extend the eviction moratorium.  As we now know, Congressional Democrats’ vote count fell far short of what they needed as well as resistance coming from moderates and housing industry groups.  According to HousingWire:

“The same day, more than a dozen real estate trade associations sent a letter to the Senate, the U.S. Treasury and HUD, urging them to “reject further extensions” of a moratorium.”

“Unmoved, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters introduced a bill Thursday night that would extend the eviction moratorium through the end of the year. The effort would face steep opposition in the Senate. The New York Times reported that a voice vote in the Senate to extend the eviction moratorium is expected to fail.”

Indeed….grassroots activism works!

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