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Boston REIA’s 52 Weeks to Wealth Session – Saturday at 10am is Virtual

Every Saturday at 10am VIRTUALLY, the Boston Real Estate Investors Association has a session for 30 minutes where we discuss and teach the 52 Real Estate Investing Wealth Principles

Our host Gualter Amerelo has already been running a weekly training course for real estate investors teaching marketing strategies for wholesalers but realized that wholesaling was going to get people to attain financial freedom on its own.

Gualter needed a new tactic. A class or a training course that would keep people engaged weekly with activities they could put into action each week while stacking the habits of a millionaire.

Gualter knew that if he could just find a way to keep my students engaged for a full year their chances of finding financial freedom would rise every week, they would stay absorbed in information and stay in the group for accountability.

There are 52 weeks in a year and trying to break down all the wealth principles into smaller chunks like top 5 or 10 ten is like saying do you want a roof or a foundation. You need ALL the components to make a house a sound investment and the 52 wealth principles include the smaller lesser-known principles as well as all the “Heavy Hitters”.

This is a thought universe and so it makes sense to start your millionaire journey with your thoughts! “What we think about, we bring about”. It is the common theme of the “Law of Attraction” which can sound out there until you start applying it to your world.

For now, let’s just assume that this principle of “thinking” your way to riches is real and it works. How do you do it, where do you start and how long does it take? These are great questions and ones I hope to be able to answer for you.

Register for this event today and start the path to YOUR WEALTH JOURNEY: Join us Each Saturday at 10:00 am Via Zoom

No matter where this journey takes you, we want to make sure you have the choice to build wealth.

Cheers to YOUR Real Estate Investing Success!

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