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How To Get Free Houses – Jumping Loans

In today’s rapidly changing real estate market, the super low fixed interest rates are over. The Feds are scheduled to raise interest rate by another 1% in July and up to six more times this year!

Today, home buyers with good credit are lucky to get 5.7% fixed for 30 year if they can find it and they are going up every day! Investors are no exception. As a rule of thumb for last 35 years, investors can expect to pay 2% or more on 30 year fixed if you can find it.

Homeowners and Investors alike have been spoiled with the super low rates for long term financing. Mike Butler is going to share his best buying strategy to “NEVER Worry About High Interest Rates Again with his unique and “America’s Only U.S. Attorney Approved Take Over Payments System.”

Mike’s secret, stealth-like, very seldom shared Jumping Loans System allows You, Your Company, and/or your Self Directed Roth IRA to legally take over payments without committing bank fraud.

Mike Butler’s session is a must attend if you are still buying or growing your real estate business.

When: Aug 4, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Mike Butler began his real estate investing career while working his full-time job as an undercover police detective in Louisville, Ky investigating murder for hire, contract killings and organized crime. Mike started buying fixer uppers and renting them to make extra money vs. working “off duty” part-time moon light jobs like many of his fellow police officers.

Mike discovered very quickly how powerful investing in real estate could be for his family and he exploded his real estate business by buying an average of 2 rental properties every week while working his full-time job! He did this for several years.


To this day, Mike Butler has never gone to a bank to get a loan to buy an investment property and he started with less than $1,000 in his Police Credit Union savings account.

One of Mike’s biggest passions today is to help you get 20 nice rental properties paid for… and do it safely in 3 to 5 years… even while working your job!

Mike Butler has duplicated and allowed licensing rights to his PROVEN efficient “Work Smarter, NOT Harder” investing systems. Everything from getting started on a zero-dollar budget for marketing, negotiations, buying, office operations, landlording, property management, “post office method” of accounting, rehabs, asset protections, proven tax strategies, and maximizing your real estate by getting Tax Free Profit and Income for Life!

Now Mike Butler works when he wants to – as a hubby, dad, investor, speaker, author, coach and consultant.

Mike’s investing achievements and success

  • The Wall Street Journal Radio network, 171 syndicated stations!
  • Authored “Landlording on Autopilot,” book published by John Wiley and Sons, making #1 Best Seller Business Books on Amazon.
  • Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets “Without Mike Butler’s Landlording On AutoPilot, I doubt I would have ever succeeded with rental properties”
  • “His book has become the “go-to-training-manual” reference for thousands of landlords and property managers around the world. You get free customizable forms and free investor training videos too!
  • Speaker at NAA National Apartment Association National Conference for five years sharing the stage with Condoleezza Rice, Sir Richard Branson, Tom Brokaw and more.
  • Featured in “Units” magazine, the nation’s #1 magazine for Multi-Unit Investors for his “Rent Talk Video” 17 minute New Tenant Orientation Training Video System.
  • featured in many newsletters and articles for real estate investors.
  • PODCAST “” in six months, ranked in the top 1.5% of ALL podcasts.

Mike enjoys training and creating millionaires and future millionaires and is a featured speaker and trainer at real estate seminars all across America and more!


Mike Butler gives back to helping investors with his service as

  • Two term past president of his local KREIA.
  • Charter Member of his local chapter of NARPM
  • Served 3 years on Board of Directors for National REIA
  • Member of KREE – Real Estate Exchangors
  • Supporter of The Home of Innocents, a great organization to help disadvantaged abused and neglected children. This goes back to his police officer days when he was involved in removing children from abusive, neglected, and/or in a dangerous harmful environment. Every child is welcomed with open arms, hugs, and love at the Home of the Innocents.

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