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Zumper’s 2021 Annual Rent Report

Zumper’s 2021 Annual Rent Report

small zumper logoZumper’s 2021 Annual Rent Report takes a deep-dive into what residents experienced over the past year and provides a complete picture of where rent is rising the most and what renters are thinking as they navigate the rental market.  Indeed…

“…Residents in big cities who benefited from falling rent in 2020 had a rude awakening this year when rent snapped back to where it was prior to the beginning of the pandemic…There are very few parts of the country where rent isn’t significantly higher than what it was heading into 2021.”

Key Themes & Findings:

  • Virtual apartment tours are here to stay
  • Unprecedented rent growth
  • Rent in East Coast cities surpasses pre-pandemic peaks
  • Phoenix, Florida, Tennessee among areas that experienced the most rent growth
  • Rental applications increase as competition heats up
  • It’s a bad time to buy a house, but people plan to do it anyway

Top 20 cities with most rent growth in 2021

Top 20 cities with most
rent growth in 2021

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