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Paul Vojchehoske on LB892 & Tenant Law

Paul has spent 21 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. In 1997, he embarked on his real estate sales and investing career. In 2000 he started teaching pre-licensing and continuing education class in Nebraska. In 2004, he hit the national training circuit which has taken him from Washington to West Virginia. He specialized in teaching property management and Fair Housing related topics.
Currently, Paul is the Senior Vice President of Nebraska Realty, a real estate firm that employs over 900 sales agents and 60 employees. His firm owns Randall School of Real Estate which he is the director. Randall School is the largest provider of pre-licensing and continuing education in Nebraska. Paul is on the board of directors for an Omaha property management company that manages over 1,500 single-family and multi-family rentals.
Paul still teaches on a variety of real estate topics. He is a published author of 2 real estate books.
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