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Following successful people is the best way to get started in real estate investing to minimizing the time and learning curve to wealth!  All some investors may need is a home study course. Others require live seminars and boot camps.

However, in all these programs, the investor has to go out and get their own experience, learning from their own mistakes. If they’ve understood the training they’ve received well, hopefully their mistakes won’t be too costly or serious, and they’ll be on their way to making good money.

Boston REIA has the answer with personal mentoring that gets you successful quicker:

Gaulter Amerlo is a real estate investor and mentor with many years of experience.  He has successfully flipped and whole-saled millions of dollars in real estate annually and now personally coaches’ investors and provides support nationwide. Gualter mentors both new and seasoned investors alike from acquisition to completion of flip projects as well as wholesaling properties.

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