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Why You Need to Join a Real Estate Investor Association & Which Ones to Join

Welcome back Loopers! In this video, we go over everything you need to know about Real Estate Investor Associations (REIA). Make sure to check out DoorLoop today:

One of the best things you can do when learning about real estate investing is to attend REIA meetings as much as possible. They give you a chance to grow, learn, network, and build relationships with various real estate professionals in the local market.

More importantly, REIA meetings take your real estate investment business to a new level. You meet potential investors, business partners, private lenders, cash buyers, agents, mentors, wholesalers, and others in the real estate area. Do you wish to be taken seriously as a new real estate investor? Are you hoping to meet real estate partners and mentors to grow your business?

Find out by watching this video or reading our blog for more information:

0:00 Welcome!
0:48 What is a Real Estate Investor Association (REIA)?
1:00 What are REIA Meetings?
1:17 REIA Meetings Costs
1:35 Benefits of REIA meetings
2:13 Meet Cash Buyers for Wholesale Real Estate
2:38 Rebate Program From Home Depot
3:00 Create Your Own Luck!
3:21 REIA Meetings Dress Code
3:55 REIA Meetings Structure
4:22 Your First REIA Meeting
4:58 Finding REIA Meetings
5:21 What is a National REIA
6:00 Conclusion

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