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According to Redfin, there has been a decrease in investor activity as they bought 45% fewer homes compared to the previous year.

Redfin Says Investors Pulled Back, Bought 45% Fewer Homes Than One Year Ago

A recent report from Redfin reveals that investor home purchases in Q2 2023 experienced a significant decline of 45% compared to the previous year, marking the largest drop since 2008. This decline in investor purchases surpassed the overall decline in home sales, which stood at 31%. The report also highlights that investor market share has decreased to 16% from its peak of 20% in Q1 2022. Additionally, investors now own a smaller share of new listings, with only 8% compared to the previous peak of 13% in late 2021. The report further indicates that investors are focusing on lower-priced single-family homes. Despite the decline, those who continue to flip homes are still making profits, although the gains have decreased from a year earlier. For more details, you can read the full story on Redfin’s website.

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