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Boston Real Estate Investors Association

A while back, a handful of real estate investors in the Boston area knew there was a better way to network with fellow investors without feeling like we were being “taken” by some unscrupulous and predatory “real estate operators” in our area. We shared similar stories about what it was like to get started as real estate investors and how it seemed we couldn’t trust anyone to help us get quality real estate investment information. We would attend investor meetings around town to gain knowledge, but we just felt like there was no existing investor group or club that was addressing our needs for quality, integrity, and honesty in dealing with beginning and experienced real estate investors.

We decided to change this situation and form a group of like-minded investors–and thus–we created the  Boston Real Estate Investors Association and align ourselves with the National Real Estate Investors Association. We are currently the only OFFICIAL chapter in Boston.

Our Mission:

Boston Real Estate Investors Association is an organization that promotes high standards of professionalism for real estate investors through the nationally recognized PHP Education program, and other content-rich high-quality education.  We encourage networking and the exchange of ideas, and a strong sense of personal and professional ethics, individual integrity, and community involvement.  We are your support team to ensure you have the best opportunity for achievement in all aspects of real estate investing.


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