Boston Real Estate Investors Association

Why Join ?

Why Join Boston Real Estate Investor Association?

Should you join? Do any of these reasons below apply to you?

  1. Are you looking to achieve financial independence through Real Estate investing?
  2. Would you like a new career, either full-time or part-time, in order to increase your financial wealth?
  3. Do you want to join an association whose mission is to educate, MOTIVATE, COMMUNICATE AND TO PROVIDE SUPPORT?
  4. Do you want to attend monthly meetings (free to members) and/or seminars to increase your knowledge and grow your business?
  5. Do you want to learn about common costly mistakes made by other investors, and how NOT to make them yourself?
  6. Do you want to know how to find, finance, flip or manage properties?
  7. Are you already an experienced investor who is interested in learning about other creative financing techniques?
  8. Would you like to receive discounts on appliances, business services, educational materials, office supplies, paint and much more?
  9. Would you benefit by “networking” with other investors, both new and experienced?
  10. Would you like to receive a monthly newsletter filled with valuable real estate information?
  11. Do you want to be informed of important current trends and legislation affecting today’s real estate market?
  12. Would you like to utilize the “members only” section of our web site to access Hundreds of real estate related web sites?
  13. Are you interested in taking advantage of our Marketplace to post for leads on properties available to buy, rent or sell?
  14. Would you like to participate in an online forum/discussion board?
  15. Would you like to receive a significant discount on Boston REIA sponsored seminars?
  16. Do you want a voice in Massachusetts working for positive investor friendly legislation?
  17. Plus, access to all these benefits!

This is where joining a REIA (Real Estate Investing Association) can help. A REIA is a group of like-minded individuals who are investing in real estate now. They are aware of the laws, best practices, and have invaluable experience to share. Joining a REIA is also a fantastic way to network and to create future business relationships.

Who are our local speakers?

Accountants, Attorneys, Building Inspectors, Contractors, Home Inspectors, Insurance Brokers, Lenders, Section 8 Rental Assistance Spokespersons, Realtor Members, Rehabbers, successful local investors, successful local landlords, and our own Executive Committee of very experienced investors.

How often do we invite national speakers?

About 3-4 times per year. There are many people who call themselves “National Speakers.” However, our policy is to invite only those speakers who have been heard elsewhere by one of our experienced investor members and are recommended by them. We are proud to hosting only  the best real estate speakers in the United States.


REIA’s that are also the National REIA network, are optimized to give you the greatest chance at success in the real estate investment world. Boston Real Estate Investors Association is the ONLY group in Boston that is an official CHAPTER of National REIA!

National REIA groups offer:

– Relationships and benefits with vendors common to real estate vendors
(Home Depot, Office Depot,, and many others)
– National networking events including a Mid-Year Conference and Annual     Cruise
– Exclusive online real estate investment education
– Newsletters highlighting industry trends and current legislative updates
— Much, much more…


Are you ready to join?

 Boston REIA Membership Investment:
$320 per 1-year Single Membership (add $130 for 2nd Person)


National Vendor Discounts

Award Winning REIA

Best RE Education

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