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Another National REIA Strategic Partner Benefit


Helping Real Estate Investors Locate Their Next Investment!

National REIA has partnered with idiCORE (one of the leading data companies in the world) to offer REIA members an effective way to locate contact information for real estate properties!  This product was launched specifically for Real Estate Investors for Marketing Purposes.  It is mobile friendly for when you are on the go looking for deals!

  • Same-Day Batch Processing
  • Pay Only for Hits, Not Per Record
  • No Monthly Minimums and No Sign-up Fees

CCIA Members can test out idiCORE with a 5-day free trial or 50 free searches, whichever comes first. If you are happy with the results after the free trial and would like to move forward, you will receive special member pricing of $50/month for 100 searches with an annual contract*. This is half price!

  • Find contact information for property owners and/or relatives if the owner is deceased
  • Easily check for bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and criminal records
  • Have a dedicated representative for National REIA members


Through proprietary linking technology, advanced systems architecture and a massive data repository, idiCORE provides ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE.

Industry-leading contact information to market to motivated sellers/buyers:

  • Phones
  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • Relatives
  • Financial Flags (liens)
  • Criminal infractions (good to know who you are going to see!)
  • Deceased Flags and more

Public record and proprietary data, idiCORE provides intelligent insight into people, assets, and interrelationships

    • No Monthly Minimums and No Sign-Up Fees
    • Pay Only For Hits, Not Per Record
    • Same-Day Batch Processing


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