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Another National REIA Strategic Partner Benefit

Successfully Acquire Properties Through Servicelink Auction’s Online Marketplace

Most   real   estate   investors   have   probably   tried   an   online   auction site  or  have  at  least  heard  stories,  both  good  &  bad,  from  their  fellow investors.    

Now,  thanks  to  a  new  partnership  with  Servicelink  Auction  (powered  by  Hudson  &  Marshall), successfully buying properties online just got a lot less complicated.  Their time-tested approach  to  real  estate  auctions,  innovative technology,  and  exclusive  nationwide  inventory provide you with the right tools to find your next property.  

  • Bank-Owned Homes
  • Forclosures
  • Newly Foreclosed
  • Short Sales

Now, when utilizing Servicelink’s online marketplace, NREIA members will receive access to their VIP sales staff, contracting and closing teams.  That also means receiving weekly asset lists and helpful communications from a regional sales manager assigned to National REIA.


Find Your Next Property in Three easy steps:

    1. Find a property – Browse their nationwide home auctions with exclusive inventory and find the property you’ve been looking for.
    2. Make an offer– Seamless, transparent technology allows you to securely submit offers and receive status updates in real-time.
    3. Close the deal– Their expert staff will guide you through the on-line home auction buying process from offer to close


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