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The Flip Factory App

New Benefit @ Boston REIA – The Flip Factory App

Quick Overview of Flip Factory App – One of our Newest National REIA Member Benefits!

Flip Factory App

Helping Flippers Manage Remotely, Increase Profits, Do More Flips and Speed up Projects!

Flip Factory App provides you with all the Tips & Tricks that have been learned and proven over their collective two decades of flipping houses.   The advice and information have been tested and refined to give you the maximum effectiveness when flipping a house.

Flip Factory is one of our Newest National REIA Member Benefits offering a 50% discount to Boston REIA Members!

Recording from 7-18-21 (Jake Comes on about 1:12 into the call):


Passcode: BvK@2*RE  


  • Not sure where to begin the Flipping/Rehab planning process?
  • No padlock on the budget – cost overages found after the fact
  • “Cash Flow Shuffle” – Are you Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?
  • Have you set up a process only to abandon the process for progress?

Flip Factory App Solutions:

  • Track Your Projects Anytime, Anywhere with Web and Phone Platform for 24/7 Execution
  • Designed for Owners, Lenders, Contractors, Subcontractors
  • Plan with Confidence
  • Fund Project Wallets to manage your Cash Flow
  • First Scalable Fintech Platform to Offer True Freedom
  • Separate Wallets (Envelopes) per item… demo, masonry, framing, roofing, etc.
  • Proven Templates for… Cosmetic, Gut, Gut with Addition, New Construction
  • End-to End digital payments for all

Jake Harris is the Cofounder and CEO of Flip Factory App.

Jake was a General Contractor for almost 15 years and considers himself an ardent student of cash flow. When he was younger and working on massive hotel projects, cash flow was essential to keep every project going.  When he switched focus and started remodeling and flipping houses, he was able to view his cash flow in greater isolation as he had far more but smaller projects.  This gave him some amazing insight that led to founding


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