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The Professional Housing Provider Program (P.H.P) 

All of the National REIA University courses build students towards becoming a Professional Housing Provider. The PHP designation is  a nationwide education-based certification program designed to  recognize the high level of knowledge and professionalism among the  designation holders. It is sponsored and overseen by the National Real  Estate Investor’s Association.

With the knowledge from the National REIA experts, you can choose from some of the  hottest topics in real estate investing to learn about, featuring quick  sessions packed with information to maximize your time. From legalities  and insurance, to the physical maintenance or rehabbing, we’ve got it  all, with learning check quizzes at the end, to solidify the process!

Boston REIA also provides a series of educational workshops that will begin (or round out) your real estate investment education. By participating in a National Real Estate Investors Association sanctioned program and completing a series of workshops, one can earn the title “Professional Housing Provider (PHP).”

What is the PHP designation? The PHP designation is a statewide, education-based certification program designed to recognize the high level of knowledge and professionalism among the designation holder. It is sponsored and overseen by the Boston Real Estate Investor’s Association.

Why obtain the PHP designation? Only persons completing the educational requirements will be permitted to hold themselves out to the public as a Boston Professional Housing Provider.  The designee will be recognized in the form of an award certificate and the right to use the designation, and should recognize that having a basic education in the topics outlined below will increase his or her ability to reach his goals in real estate investment. Further, as Boston Real Estate Investors Association works to make the PHP designation more recognizable, it is hoped that the PHP holders will have an advantage in dealing with legal and governmental bodies when a “my word against his” situation occurs. It will also aid in encouraging legislators to think of educated investors as a larger group for political action. Other tangible benefits, including discounts on courses and educational materials, may be added as the program develops.

Course of study. The course of study will be divided into 42 clock hours of core courses and 18 hours of elective topics for a total of 60 hours of formal education. The core topics are as follows:

Appraisal2 hoursIncluding formal appraisal methods (cost, income, and replacement method), PACE instruction, how to compare properties, etc.
Contract Law3 hoursIncluding basic contract law; using contracts and   clauses to protect yourself, developing contracts such as leases, options, purchase contracts etc. that for the real estate investment business.
Ethics2 hoursIncluding enacting and actual use of, national, state, local, and persona business ethics statements, policies and practices.
Fair housing law2 hoursIncluding federal, state, and local fair housing regulations
Finance6 hoursIncluding conventional financing, FHA/VA financing, owner financing of all types; comparing, financing, offering financing.
Inspections2 hoursIncluding pre- and post- purchase inspections, and pre and post move-out inspections of properties held.
Insurance3 hoursProperty (1 hour): Including what type of property insurance is appropriate for investment property; negotiating for the best rates, and renter’s insurance.Worker’s compensation (1 hour): Including when, how and for whom to carry worker’s compensation insurance.Liability (1 hour): Including why and how much
Landlord-Tenant law2 hoursIncluding landlord’s and tenants responsibilities, evictions, etc.
Management4 hoursIncluding record keeping; dealing with tenants; maximizing cash flow; and others.
Marketing2 hoursIncluding how to market properties for sale and for rent; how to market buying services.
Negotiation3 hoursIncluding negotiating with sellers, buyers, renters, contractors and vendors, banks, etc.
Purchasing2 hoursIncluding finding deals and calculating profitability.
Rehab4 hoursClassroom (2 hours): Including estimation, which projects will pay for themselves, etc.Hands-on (2 hours): Including actual hands-on opportunities and demonstrations
Regulations4 hoursEPA (1 hour): Including regulations affecting real   estate investment such as; lead paint regulations, wetlands,  regulations, underground storage tank regulations, Environmental Quality Zone regulations, etc.Federal regulations (1 hour): Including regulations affecting real estate investment other than tax laws, fair housing laws, and EPA regulations. Local (2 hours): Including zoning and building codes.
Tax law2 hoursIncome (1 hour): Including calculating and minimizing taxes, and tax laws as they affect the real estate investor.Other (1 hour): Including property taxes, 1031 tax deferred trades, etc.

The remaining 18 hours may include further education in any or all of the above topics, as selected by the PHP candidate.

How will I obtain these hours? These hours may be obtained through local association meetings and seminars. Or through courses taught outside of the local groups. All outside courses and seminars must meet the following requirements they must be taught live; they must be pre-approved by the PHP committee; and they must provide a  certificate of attendance acceptable to the PHP committee.

Continuing education to maintain PHP designation. Once the PHP designation has been obtained, designees must complete 20 hours of continuing education every two years in order to maintain the designation. These hours are elective and may be used by the designee to continue his or her education as he sees fit.

See Calendar of Events for dates and times.

  1. All students who have class cards are required to pre-register online for each class that they plan to attend.
  2. There will be a $10 Administration fee charged to all students who register at the door. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. All Class cards must be presented before entering classroom.  There is a $5 fee for replacement cards.
  4. NO CASH REFUNDS – In case of emergency students must notify  Boston REIA office of any cancellations up to 24 hours before class to receive a credit towards another class.  Credit must be used within 30 days or forfeited.  No replacement class with less than 24 hour notice.

If you have questions about this class or about the PHP Program email


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