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Airbnb Unit Located in New York Public Housing

Airbnb Unit Located in New York Public Housing

You know it’s gotten bad when apartments in public housing are being let out as Airbnbs.  However, it might actually be more common than we realize.  According to New York City’s FOX5 TV, a woman from Boston thought she found a great deal on a place to stay in Manhattan until she realized it was an apartment in a New York City Housing Authority complex.  While the apartment reportedly received high ratings on Airbnb’s site (and in a good location), the short-term renter said it smelled like gas and that there was a roach trap next to the bed.   The NYC housing authority later told Fox5 that “Ilegal subletting of NYCHA apartments on Airbnb is prohibited by HUD regulations and by our lease agreements. We are investigating the matter.”  Indeed….Airbnb issued a refund to to the hapless traveler.

“Valerio saw the letters N-Y-C-H-A in the lobby. Not knowing what they stood for, she did an internet search and was shocked to discover that they stood for the maligned public housing agency.”

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