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America’s 10 Most Affordable Golf Towns says whether you’re a near pro, a weekend duffer, or someone who just likes the idea of living near a course, you might just find your dream home on the green.  To that end, they recently crunched the numbers to find the best affordable golf towns in America.  They looked real estate listings on from the past year within a 10-minute drive from one or more of the 6,445 public and private golf courses in the country.  In addition, many of these places have a high quality of life and a cost of living below the national average – which makes them affordable not just in terms of real estate, but also everyday expenses.

“In most residential golf communities, it’s only about a quarter of residents who are active golfers,” says Brad Klein, a golf course design consultant and golf journalist. “So what that tells you is that a lot of people are drawn to the golf community, even if they don’t play golf.”

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