Boston Real Estate Investors Association

Brand New Exclusive Member Benefit!

We’re excited to announce that now, for the first time ever, as a member of the Boston Real Estate Investors Association, you get exclusive Lifeonaire benefits included for free with your membership.

If you’re not familiar with Lifeonaire, think “Millionaire, except with a life.”

They’ve been helping investors across the country achieve incredible levels of success since 2007, and their proven strategies and principles will help you make more money while working less. 

So if time and financial freedom are important to you, you’ll want to take advantage of these special member benefits.  

Here’s what people are saying about Lifeonaire:

“…absolutely life-changing.” – Adrian Smude, Plant City FL

“It is almost impossible to describe every way that the Lifeonaire message has influenced my life.” –   Andy and Jen Kuba, Akron OH

“Lifeonaire will change your life.” – Dr. Kevin Cuccinelli, Larkspur CO

“It is unbelievable in one year, how drastically my life has changed in an incredibly powerful way.” – Ellen Daniels, Cape Coral FL

What this specifically looks like for you as a REIA member…

In addition to receiving ongoing valuable training, insights, and tips to support you along your entrepreneurial journey, you also get two free tickets to each of their events – the  Get-A-Life Getaway and Business Builder ‘3-Day MBA’ Workshops (btw Lifeonaire sells these tickets on their website for $997 each!).

The Get-A-Life Getaway is where you’ll create a Lifeonaire Vision for your dream life in every area, and reverse engineer a bulletproof action plan with the exact, specific steps to make it a reality…fast!

The Business Builder ‘3-Day MBA’ Workshop is where you’ll learn a step-by-step, proven process to create a ‘Lifeonaire-style business’ you love that is wildly profitable, runs on autopilot, and gives you the time, peace of mind, and freedom to enjoy life.

If you’re a member, you NEED to get to these events ASAP. It will literally change your life and the way you do business.

If you’re not a member…what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to join us!

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