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How to Make an Estate Plan NOW So that You Don’t Torture Your Family LATER

 We’ve all heard the horror stories about real estate entrepreneurs, small business owners, and just ordinary families who die, or become unexpectedly disabled, and leave their heirs with a MESS of:

  • Assets that they don’t know about, don’t understand, or don’t know how to manage
  • Debts and obligations that they aren’t aware of or don’t know how to fulfill
  • Family members who can’t agree on what to do with the properties and other assets and end up not speaking to each other
  • Kids who get accidentally disinherited by a second marriage
  • Exactly the wrong person (or worse, the COURTS) “in charge” of selling, or managing, or otherwise dealing with, your real estate, business, and personal stuff

Our whole goal for you is that you end up with lots of diverse assets (traditional, business, IRAs, short term rentals, notes, options, everything you’re interested in), and while that’s great for YOU, it can be a nightmare for your family to untangle unless YOU’VE made a robust estate plan, including:

  • A set of documents that guarantee that your wishes will be followed, including a living will, healthcare power of attorney, and trusts (NOT LAND TRUSTS!) to manage your assets – especially your life insurance, IRAs, 401(k)s and other investments.
  • A complete list of your assets, debts, entities, and where the paperwork can be found for all of them
  • Detailed instructions about how to handle your business and real estate empire (hire this property manager, get this note servicer, sell this option to this person, use so and so to manage the business) in the case of your death or disability
  • Powers of attorney or other documents that allow someone you appoint to take control if you’re alive but incapacitated

Yep, it’s not something you want to talk about. But you’ve SEEN what happens when people don’t take care of their business while they’re still alive and healthy enough to do it! So whether you have kids and grandkids that you’d like to enjoy the fruits of all of your hard work for generations to come, or you’re looking to leave your stuff to causes you care about, YOU NEED THIS ONLINE CLASS.

You’ll learn:

  • How one of several kinds of trusts (family trust, children’s trust, living trust) might be the best solution for owning your assets now, and passing them on without probate when you’re gone
  • How your will, powers of attorney (health care and durable), LLCs, and trusts fit together to make it easy for your family to take care of YOU, and themselves, if you become disabled
  • Why owning your properties in “land trusts” isn’t estate planning (or asset protection, for that matter)
  • How some work NOW saves huge taxes and fees for your family LATER
  • Why an updated asset list plus a “Dear Honey Letter” can take most of the stress off the backs of the folks you leave behind, even if they don’t know anything—and don’t want to know anything—about real estate
  • How to keep Medicaid from taking your assets away from your heirs
  • Why your life insurance needs to NOT be part of your estate, and how to set it up so that creditors and estate taxes don’t get it
  • How to pick the right person to oversee your estate—and avoid a disaster if that ‘right person’ dies, or divorces out of the family, or becomes disabled, or otherwise turns into the wrong person
  • How to protect assets from your biggest asset protection threats – No it’s not lawsuits
  • How to cut your personal income tax bill by 20% in 2023.  It’s all part of asset protection and estate planning, but your attorney and CPA never tell you how.  Why?

Your tour guide through this journey to proper planning is Lee Phillips, an attorney who’s also licensed in real estate and insurance, and who has been specializing in estate planning, asset protection, and tax avoidance for over 4 decades. Unlike most presenters on these technical topics, he’s entertaining AND great at breaking down these sometimes complex concepts into terms that civilians can understand and implement.

Yes, this workshop is unique, targeted to YOUR needs, and intensely detailed, and you’ll want to listen to over and over…

Grab your link below and get the crucial information you need to get started on a REAL estate & disability plan! 

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