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Massachusetts Real Estate Market Update 1/8/2024

YOUR Massachusetts Real Estate Market Update for the week of January 8th

I hope you had an amazing New Year… Because the Massachusetts real estate market looks to be jumping out of the gate. 

In this video we will go over the Single-Family and condo markets in the state of Massachusetts. And we will also do a quick interest rate update… And we will also talk about some relevant current events. 

Hi I am Jeff Chubb – A recovering Investment Banker turned Real Estate Agent that has sold more than a 1,000 homes. If you have any questions about the real estate market, then know I am here to help.

The end of December is always slow. With the week between  Christmas and New Years being painfully slow. So it makes sense that not a whole lot has gone on in the market. 

Less listings. Less buyer demand. Real boring stuff. 

Well the market tends to take off right after the New Year and it looks like this year will be no different. And my belief of the market ramping up quickly on the buyer side is already being seen… And felt. 

Spring buyers, there is a huge opportunity of getting out in front of the Spring market. If I am reading the tea leaves correctly, then you could save yourself 10s of thousands of dollars. Not to mention… If this Spring Market turns out like the data says, then you are going to need more time to find a house anyway…

Quick wildcard heads up is snow. If we end up getting a lot of snow this year, then that will push out the Spring Market Surge of activity. 

As a quick note, I am looking to buy houses. Let me know if there are any houses that you are aware of that need a lot of Tender Love and Care. The uglier, then the better! 

Let’s get into it all and jump into the Single-Family market stats.

It’s been awhile since we last talked. And since that time, inventory did exactly what we expected and continued to fall. The Fall drawdown is over and this is generally when we start seeing some ups and downs in inventory levels, but ultimately where it stays rather level. 

There are now 2,989 single family homes on the market in the state of Massachusetts. That is nearly a 22% decrease in the amount of homes for buyers to look at in just a matter of 28 days. 

We should ultimately stay in this plus or minus 3 thousand unit band for the next two months or so. It’s generally around the end of February when we start seeing more inventory come on the market.  

The first week of 2024 looks to be following the trend of the first week of 2023 with a little spike of inventory. We were only 22 units short of equaling the inventory levels of 2021. 

But buyers today have 763 more houses to look at when compared to the same time in 2022. And 433 fewer houses to look at when compared to 2023. 

I have my predictions video coming out in a couple days, but ultimately I don’t see inventory levels getting any better this year in a decreasing interest rate environment. Buyer beware. 

New listing activity fell a bit as we headed out of the 2024 gate. 

There were 534 Single Family homes that came on the market this week. This was 74 or 12.2% less units than the same week last year when 608 Single Family homes came on the market. 

The 4 week rolling average is 320 units. But that data would include the really slow last two weeks when 220 and 133 new listings came on the market. 

Under agreements however went toe to toe with 2023. 

We had 477 homes go under agreement last week which was 1% or 5 fewer units than the same week last year when 482 single family homes went under agreement. 

We have talked about it in past weeks. But I think this continues to show the boost to the market from the interest rates coming down to the 6.5% range from the 2023 high of the 8% range. 

The four week rolling average is 497 units. What’s interesting is that this takes into account the 306 units from two weeks ago and the 405 units that would have been Christmas week. This is stronger under agreement activity than I would have expected. 

So when compared to last year’s market… New listings were down by 12.2% while under agreements were down by 1%.

There were 380 Single Family homes that closed last week for an average sales price of $781 thousand dollars and a median sales price of $608 thousand dollars. Sales levels compared to the same week last year were down by 9.7% as there were 421 Single mily homes that sold this week last year for an average price of $637k. 

Months of inventory. This is how we determine what type of market we are in. 0 to 5 months is considered a sellers’ market with the closer to 0 you get… The more aggressive a seller’s market.

This week Months of inventory ticked up to 1.17 months from last week’s 1.13 months. The 1.17 months this week is compared to the 1.11 months this week last year. 

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Now onto the Condo market…

The Fall drawdown is done in the condo market as well. But talk about a bounce back in inventory. We will get into that a lot more in a couple seconds.