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Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Thanksgiving by the Numbers - Real Estate Investing Today

A Unique Perspective: Thanksgiving is a holiday holds a special place in the hearts of many, as it brings families together to celebrate and give thanks for the blessings in their lives. However, Thanksgiving is not only about delicious meals and quality time with loved ones; it also provides an interesting lens through which we can view real estate investing.

By examining Thanksgiving from a numerical perspective, we can gain a unique understanding of the holiday’s significance in the real estate market.

1. 50 million: The estimated number of turkeys consumed on Thanksgiving Day. This staggering figure represents the immense demand for housing as families gather under one roof to enjoy a meal together. With so many households needing adequate space to accommodate their loved ones, real estate investors can capitalize on this demand by providing rental properties or investing in residential developments.

2. 46 million: The approximate number of Americans who travel 50 miles or more to celebrate Thanksgiving. This statistic highlights the importance of tourism and vacation rentals in the real estate industry. Investors can seize this opportunity by purchasing properties in popular tourist destinations or investing in short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb.

3. The typical amount Americans spend on Thanksgiving dinner is $496. This figure demonstrates the significant economic impact of the holiday. Real estate investors can benefit from this by investing in commercial properties near grocery stores or restaurants, as well as considering the potential for commercial development in areas with high consumer spending.

4. 4,500: The number of calories consumed by the average American during Thanksgiving dinner. This statistic draws attention to the importance of fitness and wellness facilities in the real estate market. Investors can consider developing or investing in properties that cater to health-conscious individuals, such as gyms, fitness centers, or even wellness retreats.

5. 30%: The percentage of Americans who plan to shop on Thanksgiving Day. This data underscores the significance of retail properties and shopping centers in the real estate industry. Investors can explore opportunities in commercial real estate by acquiring properties in prime retail locations or investing in retail-focused real estate investment trusts (REITs).

By examining Thanksgiving through a numerical lens, we can gain valuable insights into the real estate market’s various facets. Whether it’s catering to the housing needs of large gatherings, capitalizing on tourism and vacation rentals, or investing in commercial properties related to holiday spending, Thanksgiving provides a unique perspective on real estate investing. So, as we gather with our loved ones and give thanks this holiday season, let’s also appreciate the opportunities that Thanksgiving presents in the realm of real estate.

Next week marks the annual American holiday of Thanksgiving, where we give thanks for all that makes our nation great. WalletHub has created a graphic that explores the humble beginnings of Thanksgiving and how it has evolved over time, including how much we spend and how much we eat. As you enjoy your Friday and prepare for the holiday, remember to stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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