Boston Real Estate Investors Association

Boston REIA Christmas Community Outreach Project – Boston Food Bank

Boston REIA supports the Boston Food Bank

Winter and Inflation is upon us.  Please donate with Boston REIA

Rewards for those who do.  Every $30 dollars donated, you receive free entry into a general live event meeting or one month added on to your Boston REIA Membership.

Every donation over $75 dollars gets entry to 3 full day workshops of their choice in 2022

Every donation over $150 dollars (first 12 people) gets a free copy of Gary Vee’s new book Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success Hardcover 

Every donation over $500 gets a free one-year Boston REIA Membership plus all off the other benefits up to $500

Please mention Boston REIA in Comments of your online donation and send via email to to collect your gift.


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