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For 11th year in a Row Americans Choose Real Estate as Best Investment

We have posted about this for many years now and it doesn’t get old;  For the 11th year in a row, Gallup is reporting that more Americans prefer real estate over other long-term investment vehicles for growing wealth.  Overall, when the numbers are broken down, the numbers show that 34% prefer real estate (down 11 points from 2022), 26% prefer gold (moving into 2nd place), 18% prefer the stock market (down 6 points), 13% prefer CDs/bank accounts, and 7% prefer bonds.

“…When real estate or stock prices are high, their popularity as the best investment goes up, and the opposite is true when those prices are depressed. Gold tends to be the beneficiary when confidence levels in both real estate and stocks are down. This is typically during times of economic recession or uncertainty, as happened around the time of the Great Recession, and is happening again today.”

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