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Free House Rehab and Remodeling Workshops!

Do you know that you can attend free house rehab and remodeling workshops at your local Home Depot.

Whether you’re a new house flipper or a seasoned rehabber, the folks at Home Depot can always teach you a thing or two about the trade. One such workshop showed me a product that I didn’t even know existed, vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood. This vinyl flooring looks like hardwood, is much more durable than hardwood, isn’t ruined by water, and doesn’t click when you walk on it if the subfloor under it is uneven. I’m rehabbing a few rentals and using this in my kitchens and dining areas now.

The Home Depot workshops are priced right…they’re Free! If you’re directly involved with houses, whether you’re a wholesaler or rehabber, it can only help you to attend these free workshops.

Did you know that you can get deep discounts and rebates on products and services with Home Depot through National REIA? Just register at and use the Agreement Code “NREIA” (without the quotes) when you register your credit card(s) to let Home Depot know who gets discounts and rebates on purchases.

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