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Housing Market *JUST* Lost $2.3 TRILLION in Value!

Real Estate is CRASHING Fast – Trillions LOST overnight! ✅
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The height of the housing market is behind us and now we are starting to see residential property, commercial property begin to crash due to increased mortgage rates and a scared consumer. We are seeing less and less real estate investors discussing their new real estate deal as they all know the odds of values going up in the short term is very unlikely. We look at big names such as BlackRock, BlackStone, KKR and others limiting and halting withdrawals from their funds and as that is happening we are seeing people flood to US Treasuries as a safe store of value to obtain a similar yield they could otherwise get from a rental property as a landlord.

During economic crashes you want to have cash, you want to get great credit, you want to have a strategy.. When we look at the amount of debt inside of the system and the price of life only rising, you can connect the dots and see that one of the biggest expenses is ones home and many will not be able to refinance their properties and will have to walk away as it is placed into foreclosure and later sold to a real estate investor who prepared for these times.

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24 thoughts on “Housing Market *JUST* Lost $2.3 TRILLION in Value!”

  1. Inflation is not a battle that can be won with high energy costs and crippled supply chains.. Jerome Powell will likely continue increasing rates until the housing market SNAPS.. As of now, the stick is bending but it has yet to snap.. Give it a few more rate hikes and we'll see this thing UNRAVEL! In the meantime, here's whats happening now.. This is the time to stack cash, fix your credit and get out of high interest rate credit card debt – if you need help w/your credit – give my company GreatCreditFast a call or schedule a call on our website.

  2. Most rich people stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then most poor people stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich but impressing them

  3. I don’t think there will be a housing crash. Thinking about the low interest rate that people have got in the past two years, there is no incentive to sell. Renting it out can easily cover the cost of their mortgage

  4. Understanding personal finances and investing will most likely lead to greater financial independence. By being knowledgeable about money and investing, individuals can make informed decisions about how to save, spend, and invest their money.

  5. I don't know how true this is but I've been reading articles about celebrities selling their properties at a loss. I don't know if they're going broke, housing marking going to the pits of hell or all the above.

  6. So, if the banks default and keep the money and employers lays people off, what are you going to do? Something to think about… America and much of the West have been living in a bubble for far too long. Too many of us don't understand that the dollar actually has a negative value and the Western World runs on debt and credit. Now we're about to see a collapse of the dollar (research BRICS) and the vast majority of people will lose everything due to their debt. Buckle Up, this is just the beginning and the new CBDC is a trap.

  7. The feds are trying to scrap single family homes in areas here to build four unit hud housing; only one unit required to offer lower income rental and the rest will be high rentals. This is more of feds taking over our private property.

  8. Thanks for the interesting info. About to place my home in Florida on the market in a couple of weeks. Staying in Florida just down sizing . I Should've started this last year but things weren't in place. Please Wish me success

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