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How to Invest Tax-Free with an IRA

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about self-directed IRAs and how beneficial they could be for real estate investors.  It doesn’t take much searching to come across recent news articles lamenting the fact that an alarming number of Americans have little to no retirement savings.  A fact that, while very concerning, doesn’t have to be everyone’s situation.  Especially real estate investors.

Imagine for a moment if you could use your retirement accounts to invest in real estate – similar to what you’re currently doing, but only within the confines of an individual retirement account, or more specifically one that’s “self-directed.”

We know that real estate investors know the value and importance of putting their money to work in ways they choose and for the risk and rewards that they’re willing to accept.  That’s why National REIA has teamed up with longtime local-REIA supporter Equity Trust to offer its members an exclusive opportunity to take control of their financial future with their tax-advantaged accounts.

Equity Trust is one of the nation’s largest custodians of self-directed IRAs: its parent company has over 330,000 clients and over $30 billion in assets under custody and administration.  As a member of National REIA, you will have access to dedicated investment liaisons, an online account management system, and education resources complete with an online investor community.

A self-directed IRA can be a great way to build tax-advantaged wealth, drive meaningful impact in your community and enjoy freedom in retirement.  Why?  Because retirement money in these accounts can be used to fund investments in real estate, notes, tax liens, and more.

Here are some of the ways a self-directed IRA could benefit today’s real estate investor:

  • Profits grow in a tax-advantaged environment
  • You have the ability to diversify your retirement by investing alternatively in real estate
  • You gain an additional source of capital for investing

Through a special arrangement with Equity Trust, National REIA members who open a new Equity Trust account can now get a free self-directed IRA for one year.  Along with this account, members will also have access to over $700 in wealth-building educational resources and tools.  The account offer includes:

  • Free Account for one year – A self-directed IRA account free for one year with NO annual maintenance fee
  • Access to GOLD Level Service Membership – Complimentary National REIA GOLD Level Service included in your first year; provides you with a dedicated point of contact and priority processing
  • An online self-directed IRA tutorial Jumpstart to Financial Freedom Home Study Course
  • Digital download of Equity Turst book on self-directed IRA retirement strategies Self-Directed IRAs: Building Retirement Wealth Through Alternative Investing
  • Digital download of video on self-directed IRA insights from Executive Vice Chairman, Jeff DesichSnapshot of Self-Directed Investing

Please note that investors who already have an account with Equity Trust can also receive a special offer by contacting their NREIA Benefits Line at:  844-732-9404

National REIA is excited about this new program as well as their partnership with Equity Trust.  Rebecca McLean, NREIA’s Executive Director said “Equity Trust has the retirement resources that our members can put to work right away to build tax-advantaged wealth and drive meaningful impact in their local communities.  They’re an industry leader, which means our members will benefit not only from their expertise, but their ability to take control of their retirement savings.”

To learn more about Equity Trust and the program benefits being offered to National REIA members, simply visit and click on the Equity Trust banner or call their special NREIA Benefits Line at ph: 844-732-9404. 

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