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Say GOODBYE! Real Estate Agents QUITTING In Droves

The housing market slowdown is starting to cause more and more real estate agents to leave the business for greener pastures. Home sale transaction volume has nearly been sliced in half, and many agents, especially new ones are not making any money.

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33 thoughts on “Say GOODBYE! Real Estate Agents QUITTING In Droves”

  1. CT real estate schools went crazy in the last few years and pumped out agents like popcorn. It was rediculous! And the state issued licenses as fast as they could print them. I hope the number of agents gets back down to a more reasonable level otherwise every agent will starve.


  3. Hi Michael, can you talk about the latest news on the multi billion dollar commission lawsuit against Nar and large real estate COMPANIES who JUST RECEIVED CLASS ACTION STATUS.

  4. Why would RE agents quit? Once they get the license, what is the operating costs to keep it going? Doesn't the broker pay all the MLS fees? Even if you just keep up the license and maybe get a family or close friends listing, since commission is so high, even a single sale or a basic home likely pays year's worth of professional fees. I'll agree it would be hard to make it a primary source of income. But moving on and keeping it as a side job.

  5. Of course they are quitting. There is nobody buying or selling with 7%+ mortgages. The only thing crashing isn't housing, its the mortgage and realtor industries. Houses are and will be fine as foreclosures don't affect comparable valuation. That's why there is no crash happening.

  6. From my experience, the people who stay in real estate after two years of entering the business usually find a niche such as selling properties to investors from their home country, working for a developer, having family in the business or are wealthy already through family or spouse and do it because they don’t want a 9-5 job.

  7. Think about it. Let's suck them dry for as much as they can get. Then the buyers go away. Okay let's drop the price almost a million….. An investor buys it to rent out. No renters at the 5,500 a month Hmmmm wonder why. Less people actually hoarding on more wealth and not enough to go around.Ever since COVID happened. The economy during and after COVID is going through some weird imbalance

  8. I like that you are now including occasional shots of the scenery you are walking through. Kind of a callback to your earlier pre-real estate content! Gorgeous area!

  9. I'm very busy first month and a half in the business, 2 deals done already in Pensacola FL. It all depends on location and brokerage . I also work 50-60 hours a week.

  10. In the internet era Only a fool would give a real estate agent 6% to sell a house that will usually sell itself. Think about this for a second a 500k home listed for sale by a real estate agent at 6% commission is 30,000$. You should feel like a sucker giving a realtor 30k.

  11. It is not your fault. FL is in never ever land. The local economy is not a normal economy. I can’t put my finger on it but it is true. To give you an idea my sales volume always the worst in FL.
    Example: for every 1000 calls on new customers, I could expect two new customers in FL.Conversely in NY NJ New England ,for every 1000 cold calls I would pick up 150 new customers and NJ I could get 300 new clients. I do trade across the pond in my birth country England, I had up to 350 new customers per thousand. Not only was FL a pain, bad debt loss was the highest in the USA.
    You may have to leave FL . It is easier in the N.E. to make a living. If you insist on FL you may consider retail car sales to supplement. If being a waiter is ok that is another option. I did both to get me thru. I made a lot dinero doing those jobs. When I did these things I made super money. I was able to pay my own college and had a new Chevy. Yes I worked hard but I earned my doctorate in economics without loans. Good places to work a summer was Atlantic City and the Catskills Mts. When real estate gets better you can try again. Bon chance !

  12. The issue with new construction is the build mate. Great video. Keep up the great work, as a retired Real Estate Agent for 25 years, I appreciate your honesty. Stay safe

  13. It's caused by the Cantillon Effect. Our debt-based currency incentivizes people to mainly speculate on real-estate since most people have a hard time out picking the stock market. Not investing your money at all is bad too because your money will inflate and loses its value. It's a game. The money system sucks.

  14. I rent a room to a lady who is a nurse and real estate agent. She said that she couldn't rely on real estate income so she had to go back to nursing. She's a travel nurse and pays me $1000 a month for a room.
    I have another home that I own outright. A real estate agent is renting it from me he didn't blink an eye when I said $1850 per month for my 3/2/1 property. He was so excited. He put the utilities in his name before we even signed the lease.

  15. Re. Irish landlords… why the fk shd they get a get out card in terms of inflation busting rents…. ? Everyone else has to shoulder the inflationary burden…especially workers…. but landlords
    …they get to escape inflationary by setting rents to whatever inflation is?? What's so damn special about landlords , that they uniquely get to escape inflation ? The game is up for private landlords across much of Europe. Taxes are going up , tenants are getting more and more protections. Tbh , if landlords left the market , it would be a happy day. Personally I look forward to the day when private rental accommodation is subject to compulsory purchase by the state…. and the landlord getting paid full market value , gets slapped with a 100pc capital gains tax. With the money raised, lots of state funded rental accommodation could be built rented out at cheap rates …driving out private landlords foe good. There is no place for private rental accommodation, the end game is not pretty. . What happens to all these renters who've been renting all their lives and they are coming up to retirement? How cam rents be paid when folks are no longer working. . Sorry …but ireland is going in the right step. ✅️

  16. What is Main Street Renewal?
    I heard a lot of their clients are Section 8 tenants. If, so, are they a Billionaire dollar conglomerate that bought up properties during and after the Pandemic to jack up the rental prices statewide?

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