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Support Growing for Supreme Court Review of Rent Control Law

On a recent episode of Real Estate News for Investors, Kathy Fettke says the rent control debate is gaining momentum at the top of the legal food chain. New York landlords are asking the Supreme Court to overturn lower court decisions on a 2019 rent stabilization law, and several national real estate groups are showing support. If the high court takes the case and rules in their favor, experts say it could “destabilize” rent stabilization laws across the nation.  Indeed…

“The lawyer representing the plaintiffs, Andrew Pincus, told the National Review that the RSL is a property rights infringement. He says: “The Constitution has certain property protections, one of which is the Fifth Amendment’s takings clause.” That means that the government is not allowed to take private property for public use without “just compensation.” He says that that concept is at the heart of the lawsuit.”

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