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Top Destination Cities for Renters

Top Destination Cities for Renters

We love stories about where people are moving.  It’s great “intel” and offers a snapshot for investors looking for that next market.  A recent report from STORAGECafé says more renters moved in 2020 vs. 2019, with most of those upgrading to larger homes.  Interestingly, they point out that 69% of renters looked for housing in the same state while the remaining 31% sought a new home in another state.  Their data also show that 21% of renters moving out of big cities relocated to the suburbs.  Indeed…

“The rental market experienced significant disruptions last year, mostly due to the global health crisis, which caused changes in both lifestyle and housing preferences. Amid health, affordability, and employment concerns, 18% more renters changed residences in 2020 compared to 2019…”

top 20 desitnations for renters


Click here to read the full report at STORAGECafé.


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