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Houses For Sale In Las Vegas – More Bad News!

Houses For Sale In Las Vegas – More Bad News! As we close out the first month of 2023 we are now in a totally different real estate market from 2022. There are now thousands of houses for sale in Las Vegas as home builders and homeowners struggle to sell their homes. Also, there seems to be more bad news coming out each month regarding the economy. As the houses for sale in Las Vegas continue to see price reductions, I think there is still more downside risk to this real estate market. Homebuilders are offering huge incentives on top of price reductions to sell their standing inventory. Homeowners are also reducing prices as 2023 has become a buyers market. More bad news is likely coming too regarding higher interest rates which means even less people will qualify to buy a home. Nearly all of the houses for sale in Las Vegas will have price reductions or potentially reduced prices as well as offering seller incentives. The market has firmly shifted in favor of buyers and there will likely be even better deals coming this year. If you’re looking to buy a home in Las Vegas, be patient through this first or second quarter of 2023.

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If you are going to be living in Las Vegas Nevada then this is the channel for you! We tell you what it’s like to move to Las Vegas and make videos about Las Vegas real estate every week. We work with clients from all over the U.S. that are relocating here and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Reach out to us day/night/weekends if you are moving here. We’ve got your back when moving to Las Vegas.

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33 thoughts on “Houses For Sale In Las Vegas – More Bad News!”

  1. We still have not hit the bottom of the real estate market as more price reductions are likely to come this year. Higher interest rates has pushed demand down while inventory has significantly increased from last year. Home builders and sellers are dramatically reducing prices and offering seller incentives. We are now entering into a buyers market and you will see examples in this video showing just how much prices are being reduced and where I think the Las Vegas real estate market is heading this year. My suggestion is if you’re looking to buy a home is Las Vegas, be patient and wait it out. I think we will see more downside to the real estate market as we go through this year.
    As a local Las Vegas realtor, I help people make the move into Las Vegas all the time. Reach out to me anytime if you're considering moving to this beautiful city. It would be my pleasure to help you find your perfect Las Vegas dream home.

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  2. The US economy is a Ponzi scheme being orchestrated by the US Central Bank (the Fed), it is a fake economy. If the Fed stopped printing billions of dollars every week and pumping it into our economy, our economy and stock market would completely collapse.

  3. We are 31,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. We're living on borrowed time folks. That's why things have been so surreal the last two years.

  4. a very iffy idea buying property in a desert, with very low water levels that arent going to get a whole lot better.

  5. Who in their right mind would want to live in the Desert with heat no water and in the West with Wildfires 😂 big Dummies 😅Have at it bunch of Moroons😮

  6. FBI.
    Bragging about Holland
    putting my inheritance in
    second rate houses.
    Pound of flesh.
    I don't age discriminate either.
    No mercy.
    No justice.
    No peace.

  7. Talked my buddy yesterday he is a real estate broker of twenty years. He has a meeting with his mortgage broker and the mortgage broker said mortgage apps are down 60%

  8. DON'T move to Las Vegas. Housing here is ridiculously expensive because there are no reasonable homes, only McMansions. The water pressure is so poor because of the drought that toilets don't flush well and showers spit water, but the Bellagio can shoot tons of water into the air, and we have a gazillion golf courses. Education here is not good, and "healthcare" is a joke. The weather is great, and it's very pet-friendly. But this place is designed to sop tourists and spends money ONLY on ways to attract them. If you live here, you aren't important.

  9. I would not call all this bad news a buyers market. I would call it an unaffordable market, between high prices, high mortgage costs, and lower income due to inflation. Thank you demorats.

  10. It makes a change to see a honest estate agent keep up the good work, and sadly no i can,t afford a property i'm stuck in a rented shared house witch the government pay for as i'm unemployed

  11. It seems more that it’s a no man’s market. With high rates and a very high number of cancelled home-build contracts, buyers cannot afford to buy in this market. Though home prices have fallen, it is not a buyer’s market.

  12. Unemployment may be low, but that is because wages are low and have not kept pace with inflation. Most people who are employed do not make enough money to be able to afford to buy a home. Essentially they are not potential home buyers because they do not make enough money.

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