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D-Day Plus 80 Years

80 years after D-Day

Omaha Beach today. Yesterday marked the 80th anniversary of Operation Overlord (D-Day) on June 6, 1944, when nearly 160,000 allied troops, led by the United States, invaded occupied France, signaling the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. The infographic below from Encyclopedia Britannica provides a snapshot of that historic day. Many of the brave […]

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Trust in Media Reaches New Low - Real Estate Investing Today

Trust in media reaches new low

According to Statista, a free press is crucial for holding governments accountable and informing the public, allowing voters to engage in political discussions and make informed decisions. However, Gallup data cited by Statista shows that an increasing number of Americans no longer trust the media. This situation reminds us of the saying “trust, but verify.”

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