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Wholesaling – What’s Working Now

Andy Heller will be teaching wholesalers the secrets to successful wholesaling:

  • What is the best source for Wholesalers to find discount property?
  • Where do you find investors to work with?
  • Ok, let’s say you find them, what do you say if you are brand new to real estate:
  • How do you convince them to work with you?
  • How does a Wholesaler transact when the seller does not allow assignment?
  • How does a Wholesaler expand their Profit Sources?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in this incredible webinar.    Just click here for more details:

June 6th – Thursday @ 7pm. REGISTER HERE 

Donald Kung started investing as a wholesaler.  His first wholesale property Donald made $15,000.   He was able to buy this property from a bank, and Andy will show you how wholesalers can purchase even when banks don’t allow assignment of the wholesaler’s purchase contract.   

LEARN what Donald and other students KNOW and you too can enjoy the same results!

For all those who attend get  Andy’s $29.95 ebook 

“10 Ways To Buy Low” at NO CHARGE!

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