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SCOTUS to set fate of affirmative action, student debt relief | Morning in America

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule Thursday on cases that could dismantle affirmative action and student loan forgiveness policies, which could erect more roadblocks for diversity on college and university campuses.

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16 thoughts on “SCOTUS to set fate of affirmative action, student debt relief | Morning in America”

  1. End affirmative action not only at universities but for employment as well. Affirmative action is ironically the only “systemic discrimination/racism” that exists. It’s an extremely unethical welfare program for the less competent and its at the expense of the competent.

  2. Praying to Jesus for mercy on our debt relief. Please pray everyone, please pray to God for mercy and grace. Some crosses are to heavy for us to carry. God bless you all.

  3. Finally we have a SCOTUS who is actually doing its job by preserving the Constitution rather than erasing the liberal left! Now when we dump the criminal Bozo in the White House the US will be moving in the right direction for the first time in decades!!

  4. Get rid of affirmative action in college IMHO. However PLEASE Fix the elementary & high schools. I don’t see pupils doing summer book reports! I never see pupils out with astronomy teachers calculating Right ascension this tells pupils what direction they need to look (moving east), while declination tells pupils how far up (or down) and object is from the equator (of USA pupils don’t typically live on the equator). No wonder our pupils are lost! Every class the pupils need to also acknowledge every bias the pupils & teachers have: ie. The Gregorian calendar and English language (or whatever language the teacher & pupils are utilizing) to name a few bias classrooms come up with. English for example, historically was dropping the gender concept. English speakers got rid of gender articles & nouns (Spanish & French still gender articles & nouns) in the 13th century!! The historian’s thought English speakers would eventually drop gender pronouns, like in Finland where Finnish speakers only have 1 pronouns for all people: hän!! Remember in Star Trek they called all officers in the fleet “sir!!” However, these pupils who allegedly live in a free speech society with no official language (the founder’s were very aware of the biases in English) want to codify “gender” into the laws with the backing of state sponsorship and/or corporate bullying!! NO ONE or GOVT or CORPORATION can take a pupils’ core fundamental education away and that a fact! We need a Marshall Plan like investment in the USA elementary & high schools or we will surely suffer and will be seen as failure’s to our youth by the annals of human history!!

  5. Affirmation Action would be abolished because most blk ppl feel they're equal too white ppl's called progressive DEI…😮

  6. Harris FOOL-kner wannabe Adrienne wants to be all WHITE instead of half that's why she doesn't care about affirmative action 🤡

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